Festivals/City Events


If you’ve ever attended a local Festival or City sponsored program that you have enjoyed, there are a team of planners creating this event just for your enjoyment!  ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANTS has the winning formula to help you plan your event from start to finish or work on one specific component.  Our years of experience has taught us how to create an event that is profitable and sustainable for years to come!  We will help you “brand” your program in the eyes of the public and keep them excited to return year after year.


Corporate and Charitable Events


To stay competitive in business or to raise the most money for your charity, it is important to keep the ideas fresh.  We help Corporations make the most of their event planning or marketing budgets by offering the best strategies.  Great donors are the life-blood to any charity and we give you the tools to raise the profile of any philanthropic organization and help you to keep it there.


Private Parties and Weddings


Entertainment and event design and planning are the ultimate “gift” that you give to not only yourself, but your guests.  We help you create the ambience you are looking for and work with the vision you have for your event, all the while being cognoscente of budget.




With over 30 years of sound, light and staging experience, we have produced hundreds of shows, both large and small.  We surround ourselves with the experts in the field, whether it is a small performance in your backyard to a large production for thousands of people, our aim is to recommend the right sound, lights or staging for the job and deliver the most cost effective option.

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