Entertainment Consultants has been Southern Florida’s premier event coordinating business for almost 30 years. We believe three elements make our service and your events successful: people, planning and promotion!

Consistently making our clients the number one focus of our work, we treat each client uniquely, tailoring our services to your needs, whether you’re an independent client or a corporate business. Building a relationship with you is important to us because we know good relationships make for successful, stress-free event planning.

We plan large and small events, parties, weddings, concerts and more. Our services range from arranging the decorating details for your venue to booking the best entertainment acts.

Our service doesn’t stop at planning. What good is the most extensive planning if no one shows up to your event? We handle event promotion through press releases and public relations management. We’ve helped you plan the best event possible, now let us help you get people to the door.

Call us to find out how we can plan your event together today!

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